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My DIY iPad Stylus

I once bought a stylus for my iPad in HMV. It only cost 5 euro, but it was completey shite. Some rubber tipped thing, required insane amout of pressure to actually work. Most of the time there’s no need for a stylus, but if you are trying to do any drawing or writing on the iPad with your fingers it gets old very quick. One of my favourite apps is Penultimate, and I think that it would benefit from having a decent stylus. I hoped there would be a better one out there than that cheap one.

I recently backed a kickstarter project for a touchscreen stylus, called the Cosmonaut ( The Cosmonaut ). The page also linked to a blog post on making a stylus from a white board marker , here http://www.therussiansusedapencil.com/post/1521469842/the-right-feel-for-an-i…

There are also many other examples around the web and videos showing various people attempts to craft their own.

The key part to making them is having some conductive foam. But who has conductive foam just lying around the place? Whats conductive foam for anyway? Well, turns out that it’s used for storing electronics. Finally I realised that the box I used to store my college project was full of the stuff, to protect the ICs and development boards for the components I was using. I’m embarrsed to admit I didn’t know that it was special foam, I thought it regular foam which was there for only for padding. The conductive foam is also meant to reduce static damage I believe.

So with some of this conductive foam just lying around, I took a shot at making my own. I know there is nothing new here, it’s all been done before many times; but it’s fun to just play around and do something for yourself. I wasn’t going to buy anything special to do this. It was just a bit of fun on a saturday afternoon. I rooted around for suitable bodies, and tried various pens, tubes, whatever was metal and might hold onto some foam. I tried the cap of a space pen, an old laser pointer and some other metal bodied pends and pencils. I finally settled on a cheap paintbrush, removed the bristles and stuck foam on each end.

The nice thing is, this cost me 0 euro, and is miles better than the one from HMV.